Take Care of your Cattle with Calcium Bolus

With a great combination of calcium and vitamin, this oral supplement is perfect for cattle. Whether you have a pair of cows or a flock of sheep, you can try transition calcium bolus for a safe treat for your cattle. Transition calcium boluses are good enough to supplement them with adequate protein, vitamins, and other minerals. The oral calcium bolus often includes vitamin D3. It helps to metabolize the calcium and phosphorus present in it. Thus, the cattle find this perfect combination of vitamin and mineral bolus. Well, if you want your cattle to be healthy and active, antioxidant bolus is a good way to opt for. Antioxidant boluses are often found in renowned online stores. You can get them from there. Make sure the product you buy is safe and updated. Otherwise, you may end up creating trouble for your cattle.

Why Calcium Boluses?

Transition calcium bolus is easy to administer and safe to use for the cattle. Along with it, it has many other advantages. First of all, they do not have any sharp edge. Their surface is smooth and well-polished. Your cattle will not have any palatability issue with it. If you go for a drench, it may happen. Transition calcium boluses have no withdrawal period. So, you can use it for a long time.

Such vitamin and mineral bolus is prepared through a complete process- liquifying, hardening, and compressing into boluses. Many cattle owners nowadays look for transition calcium boluses for such advantages.

Antioxidant Boluses

What else do you want when the bolus comes with antioxidant features? Yes, now antioxidant boluses are available in the market. It has multiple benefits. It helps to improve the immune response among the cattle. A calcium bolus, in the long run, is an easy and economical solution for animal’s diet. And, when it is an antioxidant bolus, it becomes more beneficial.

However, antioxidant boluses should be administrated orally. It helps the cattle to grow, fulfilling the need for vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it allows them to stay active, fit, and vibrant.

Where to Buy Boluses?

It is about the bolus. So, you should maintain strict hygiene in this matter. Wherever you go to buy the product, make sure that the place is well-maintained and hygienic. It is better to go online here. You can check out our site to find the best calcium bolus online. We offer diverse kinds of calcium boluses along with many other relevant products for you.

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