Learn How to Reduce SCC in Cows

It is important to check SCC or Somatic Cell Count levels when it comes to dairy-producing systems. Too low or too high- both of the SCC conditions are dangerous. What is SCC? It is a count of the total number of cells per milliliter in milk. It is a combined amount of immune cells and milk-producing cells. During the normal course of milking, they are secreted. If the SCC is high, it means that mastitis is available in the cows. Due to environmental pathogens, mastitis is caused. However, to improve cattle health, the knowledge about SCC helps a lot. Many a time, cattle owners ask how to reduce SCC in cattle. One of the most frequent questions is how to lower SCC in dairy cows. Reducing SCC in dairy cattle, thus, is a matter of concern in the cattle business and dairy industry. It is essential to improve cattle milk production. Find how to reduce SCC in cattle below.

• Keep the environment healthy.
• Remove the udder hair.
• Clean free stalls.
• Pay attention to the fertile cows for mastitis.
• Clean the milking parlor.
• Organize a dry cow treatment program.
• Maintain a low-stress environment for the cows.
• A proper nutritional program is a must.
So, thus you can take care of your cattle while reducing SCC in dairy cattle.

The Factors that Affect SCC

When it comes to running a cattle business or a dairy business, one of the very important factors comes across our path again and again. Certain factors affect SCC to a great extent.

First of all, productivity matters. When a highly productive cow is taken, you will get milk with high SCC. Because they are always under the stress of producing the milk. And thus, their immunity power becomes low-secondly, different stages of lactation matter. If you want to know how to lower SCC in dairy cows and improve cattle milk production, focus on it. Thirdly, the bodyweight of the cattle meters. Research has found that bodyweight is strongly associated with the amount of milk SCC.

So, these are the factors responsible for milk SCC. Except for these factors, there are some other points as well. For example, the effect of season, the impact of body condition score or BCS, effect of parity, etc., are important. Moreover, the effect of milking, breed, infection-causing pathogens, physiological stage, etc., is crucial enough.

So, got the details of SCC? Now, try reducing SCC in dairy cattle. Also, keep in mind not to lower it down so much. It will affect badly as well. Maintain a healthy balance.

Handling cattle is a task of responsibility. So, handle them with care. Please make sure they are comfortable and safe under your surveillance. If you are running a cattle business or a dairy production house, consider factors like SCC. We have discussed how to reduce SCC in cattle. Check that out and act accordingly. Bovine Frequency Products sells a wide range of transition calcium bolusesdairy bolusesgenetic bolusesstainless steel boluses, antioxidant bolusesoral calcium bolusvitamin and mineral boluses.